Cooking Collective

KNIFE SKILLS 101 w/ Imperfect Produce

TUE  |  MAR 7, 2017  |  6:30PM

(2.5 Hours) 

Have you ever come across a strange looking piece of produce, the crooked carrot, the curvy cucumber, the undersized apple and think, “how do I cut that thing?” It’s not strange at all, it just Imperfect Produce.

Join us for our next knife skills class in collaboration with our partners at Imperfect Produce. In this hands-on class everyone will get a chance to slice, dice, mince & chop. You will learn the most efficient and time saving ways to break down a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs from our Imperfect Produce Box. They may look a bit odd at first, but you won’t be able to tell the difference once you apply your newly found knife skills.

We'll also explore and explain all of the various types of knives, materials, anatomy, how to keep them sharp, proper care, storage and most importantly, knife safety. In addition, we'll cover strategies to keep you organized and clean as you prepare your next meal at home. You will also learn a bit about where Imperfect Produce is sourced and why the work they are doing is so important.

By the time you leave, you will have the confidence to tackle anything that comes into your kitchen (Ugly or Not) and the skills to thoroughly impress your friends and family.

INSTRUCTOR - Chef Mark Dessert

PRICE - $75/Person


344 20th Street

Oakland CA 94612

344 Thomas L Berkley Way